FAQs – Scholarships

A: Must be resident for minimum of twelve (12) consecutive months at time of application in one or more of the following Virginia and North Carolina counties:

  • Virginia – Halifax, Henry and Pittsylvania, including towns & cities within
  • North Carolina – Caswell and Rockingham, including towns & cities within

A: Higher education scholarships are offered to two student types: Traditional and Non-Traditional.

A: A Traditional Student is:

  • Applicant seeking undergraduate diploma or certificate, associate, or bachelor degree who has not had their academic career interrupted for more than 24 months since graduating high school
  • Graduating high school senior
    • Full time = at least 12 credit hours per semester
    • Part time = <12 credit hours per semester

A: A Non-Traditional Student is:

  • Postgraduate applicant seeking masters or doctorate degree
    • full time = at least 18 credit hours in 12 months
    • part time = < 18 credit hours in 12 months
  • Applicant seeking undergraduate diploma or certificate, associate, or bachelor degree who has had their academic career interrupted for more than 24 months since graduating high school
    • full time = at least 24 credit hours in 12 months
    • part time = <24 credit hours in 12 months
  • GED recipient

A: Once you have determined your student type (Traditional or Non-Traditional), refer to the “Deadline Date” tab.

A: Click on the “Scholarship” tab and read about qualifications, guidelines, deadline dates and requirements. Read and click to agree to “Deadline Agreement” and access secure online application site. Complete online application. Submit supplemental paperwork.

A: All application and supplemental information deadlines are as posted.

A: No. You may attend any accredited public or private institution which is located within the United States and choose any field of study.  The institution should be a participant in the Title IV federal student aid program. 

A: There is no charge to apply for a JTMM scholarship.

A: No. Unlike student loans, JTMM scholarships do not need to be repaid if semester is completed.

A: In the past, average number of scholarships awarded per academic year has been 450-500, which includes new and renewal applicants. Award amounts vary based on academic achievement and promise, financial need and other merit of the applicant. Past award amounts have ranged from $500 – $7500 per year.

A: Notification letters are sent to all applicants via postal mail only. Traditional students are notified annually, around the end of June. Non traditional students are notified about two months after their respective application deadline date. Refer to the “Deadline Date” tab.

A: No, checks are sent directly to your institution of enrollment. Refer to your award letter for scheduled payment dates. Funds are generally sent prior to the semester start and only sent if Trust receives completed Enrollment Verification Form (a form enclosed with award notification letter) by posted deadline date.

A: The scholarship payment for the semester indicated on the missed EVF will not be made; however, missing this payment does not affect remaining payments connected to this award. Renewal eligibility will not be affected, provided all other requirements are met.

A: You should contact Trust for complete instructions.

A: Only if payment can be made to your accredited institution of enrollment which is located within the United States.

A: No. You must complete a renewal application every year, meet minimum renewal eligibility requirements and complete twenty volunteer hours of community service as required in award letter received within the last 12 months.

A: Notify the Trust at info@jtmm.org of any change in email address. Be sure to use email address that is checked often. With the exception of award notification letters, all other communication is provided through email.

A: JTMM sends emails to individuals for one of the following reasons (Do not ignore emails, they are sent as a courtesy to help you):

  • Potential renewal students about upcoming application deadlines
  • Awarded students about Enrollment Verification Forms and Volunteer Record Form deadlines (only sent to students where form has not been received)
  • Applicants where clarification of information is needed