FAQs – Grants

A: Grants are awarded for many various purposes; however, all grants must benefit the residents of Danville and/or Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

A: Only higher education scholarships are awarded to individuals. Charitable grants are awarded to 501(c)3 and other tax exempt organizations.

A: The Trust does not award grants for:

  • Another organization to establish, support or administer other higher education scholarship programs.
  • Any political purposes.

A: Click on the “Grants” tab and read the requirements and instructions.

A: Select the “Grants” tab and follow instructions to complete the online application.

A: Trust suggests applicants ask for amount needed for project, broken down into components, if possible. Trust may fund all, part or none of a request.

A: Yes, there are no limitations on the number of requests that can be submitted. The Trust leaves it to the organization’s discretion as to combining or separately submitting requests.

A: This varies and is dependent upon the number of qualified requests and grant money availability.

A: Grant notification letters are typically sent via postal mail around two months after respective application deadline date.

A: Possibly. Any extensions should be pre-approved. Contact Trust to discuss post grant report deadline extensions.