The J.T. – Minnie Maude Charitable Trust will accept grant requests from any non-profit organization eligible to receive tax deductible contributions; however, all funds must be used for the benefit of the residents of Danville/Pittsylvania County (VA). The submission of a grant request does not guarantee a grant award. All grant requests are subject to Trustee approval.

Requests for charitable grants will be accepted three times during a calendar year with due dates of February 1, June 1 and October 1. Requests received after a due date will be treated as if received by the next due date. Those submitting a grant request will be notified by April 1, August 1 or December 1 of the status of their request as either “Awarded”, “Denied” or “held for future consideration”. “Held for future consideration” requests will be reviewed for a maximum of three (3) times.

To request a grant please submit the following information on corporate letterhead:

1. Give brief description of the organization’s primary mission

2. List each amount(s), timeline(s) and purpose(s) for the grant being requested, including an explanation of how this grant will benefit the residents of Danville/Pittsylvania County (VA)

3. Please list all other organizations from which you have requested and/or received funds for this purpose

4. All requests must be dated and signed by an officer/trustee of the requesting organization

5. Copy of the organization’s latest financial statement

6. IRS determination letter of organization’s 501(c)(3) exempt status, if applicable

7. Religious organizations must enclose a copy of current bylaws, a list of trustees, and if affiliated with a larger group, contact information for that group

The J.T. – Minnie Maude Charitable Trust reserves the right to request additional information.

At this time, due to the Trust’s own existing scholarship program, the Trust has decided not to fund grants which provide or establish scholarship programs.

Grants will be awarded on a non-discriminatory basis. Decisions of the Trustees are final and neither the Trustees nor staff of the J.T. – Minnie Maude Charitable Trust will release justification for grant awards. Funds received may not be diverted to attempt to influence legislation or participate or intervene in any political campaign.J.T. – MINNIE MAUDE CHARITABLE TRUST
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